Exness Web Terminal

Exness specializes in providing trading opportunities in financial markets. This broker is popular with forex traders, as evidenced by the company's growing performance.

So what is the success of Exness? First of all, the broker's activity is extremely transparent. Secondly, even though the company is an old-timer in the brokerage market, it doesn't prevent it from introducing new options to its platform and keeping an eye on the course of trading. Thirdly, the high quality of service inherent in the platform makes for good trading profits. Established over a decade ago, Exness has been highly rated by traders. The company ensures reliable and consistent trading, implements innovative solutions on the platform and maintains a highly competent team.

The broker does everything to make the work at the exchange trades as comfortable as possible:

  • Convenient workspace, which implies exness web trading in MT4 and MT5 terminals;
  • Fast transfers and maximum transparency of activities;
  • Lowest commissions;
  • Up-to-date information;
  • Excellent support service;
  • Wide popularity in the market;
  • Positive feedback from our clients.
Exness WebTerminal

Trading platforms

Exness Trading platforms
MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 platforms are available for downloading (MetaTrader 5 webtrader are available for Mini and Classic accounts). The Broker offers mobile trading (MT4 and MT5 for Apple, Android).

Also available for trading is the WebTerminal platform, which does not require installation on your computer, you can trade directly from your browser. The software is suitable for popular operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
With WebTrader MT4, you can manage multiple accounts (you can open and close transactions from multiple accounts in one terminal). Trade using Webtrader - access from any computer with Internet access, mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

MT4 WebTrader EXNESS is the latest addition in collection of trading platforms; a totally new WebTerminal, which is even easier to use, faster, more attractive and offers new features.


According to the opinion of experienced traders, MetaTrader 4 online platform is the best for trading forex. Nowadays the quality and security of trading at trading platform is guaranteed by MT4 online. For traders who are used to working in a comfortable and multifunctional environment, it's the best choice.

Exness mt4 web terminal gives you maximum freedom of trading:
  • Analysing changes in the value of assets;
  • Add necessary indicators to the price chart;
  • Conduct trades using a variety of strategies and trading systems;
  • Use of managers' tips;
  • It is possible to study recent market trends and do analytical work.
The mt4 on web terminal has many advantages. It is a platform with an extremely user-friendly interface, designed especially for beginners and professional traders. With MT4 online you can easily and comfortably trade on volatile markets.


Exness mt5 web terminal is a modern platform that allows traders to operate in the most comfortable environment and provides them with a lot of opportunities.
Exness MT5 Webtrader
This terminal offers:

  • A large number of new indicators;
  • A lot of new robots;
  • A large choice of expirations;
  • Security and stability of deals;
  • Creation of bots and scripts that run from the terminal;
  • Possibility to insure the operation against negative scenarios, which allows to -publish several positions, which can be opposite;
  • Storage of deal history;
  • Tracking of the latest data;
  • Forecasts.
Exness MT5 Webtrader
This terminal offers:

  • A large number of new indicators;
  • A lot of new robots;
  • A large choice of expirations;
  • Security and stability of deals;
  • Creation of bots and scripts that run from the terminal;
  • Possibility to insure the operation against negative scenarios, which allows to -publish several positions, which can be opposite;
  • Storage of deal history;
  • Tracking of the latest data;
  • Forecasts.

MT4/MT5 Platform Comparison

For clarity, here is the table comparison of main terminal characteristics:
Feature MT4
Buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, take profit, stop loss
9 time frames
Account types
Standard, Cent, Pro, Zero, Raw Spread
Programming language
History tracking
Orders older 35 days are archived
Feature MT5
Buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, take profit, stop loss, buy stop limit, sell stop limit
21 time frames
Account types
Standard, Pro, Zero, Raw Spread
Programming language
History tracking
Orders are not archived


Exness web terminal
Any Exness client can login to WebTerminal MT4 using his existing account details and trade through it on the company's website. There is no need to download or install any software or register a new account.

Web Terminal MT4 has all basic functions, including live quotes, customizable price charts, different timeframes for charts and basic analytical tools. Moreover, Web Terminal MT4 is not only user-friendly, but also fast and safe to use. It is just as safe to work with. In addition, it has all the features you need for forex trading.

How to get access to WebTerminal?

In order to use all this functionality, all you need to do is register with the Exness broker. All you have to do is to go online from any computer, access the website, and you can start making forex trades instantly, regardless of which browser you prefer.
Before you use Web Terminal exness for the first time, you have to set a password for the account, on which you are going to trade. You can do this in the "Settings" section of the Personal Area.

If you have any technical questions during the operation or registration process, there is an excellent customer support department which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer support department can be contacted by email, telephone or live chat, which supports more than 10 languages.
After registration, the trader will find the following information:

  • Fresh news from the world's financial markets;
  • Training materials and analytic reviews;
  • History of operations;
  • Conditions of current promotions and bonus programs;
  • Affiliate account statistics;
  • Contact for technical support.

How to configure WebTerminal?

You will have to start with the following settings:
  • Choose the account type you wish to use (Demo or Live), and the appropriate interface language.
  • In the next window enter the account number and the web password previously set up for this account in your Live Account.
  • Choose the desired tools in the left side of the Webtrader main window and start trading.
  • You can choose the asset and the chart you prefer.
  • You can also change the time frame for your chart, by selecting one of the options from the menu.
  • Furthermore, you can change the colour settings for your chart, by right clicking on it, select "Properties" and choose one of the colour schemes.
Configure WebTerminal Exness

Opening a deal

To open a deal:

  • Select a trading instrument (asset) in the "Market Watch" window.
  • Enter volume.
  • You may also set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for your order. This is optional and can be done after you open the order.
  • Click on "Sell" or "Buy".

Trading in one click

Trading in one click is a useful feature which allows you to open new orders very quickly, literally in one click. When you look at your open chart of an asset, you will see the "one-click" feature. If you want to place an order for another instrument, drag it onto the chart, then specify the volume you wish to trade and click "Sell" or "Buy".

Changing orders

You can modify open and pending orders from within the "Trade" tab. To do this, simply right click on the order on the "Trade" tab and choose "Modify" or "Delete".

Closing orders

In order to close an active trade, simply click on the "cross" / X sign on the "Trade" tab, or right click on the trade and choose "Close Order".

Main features of WebTerminal

Exness Web Terminal offers traders a wide range of research and educational tools in the form of an economic calendar and a trader's calendar on its website and mobile application. Exness has a trader calculator, analysis tool, trader education and social trading. WebTerminal features are constantly updated.

For example, the Trader's Calculator. With it the client will get an accurate check on the value of transactions. The Trader's Calculator helps to estimate the basic values of the trade that he wants to open. This includes pip value, margin, long swap, volume, short swap values and lot price.

Both novice and experienced traders can use the extensive learning centre with its library of trading resources. The academy allows them to learn a wide range of new trading techniques and to check out daily market overviews from the resources provided.

How to get started?

So to start making money with Exness Terminal, you will have to register. The procedure is very simple.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • On the main page of the website, open the registration form and enter the required details and be sure to use a strong password. Always use the email address and password that you will use to login when you trade!
  • After adding the requested information you will have access to a demo account. More information about it below.
  • To fund your account for live trading, go to the main menu, then to your personal cabinet and the fund section. You will need to activate a live trading account and deposit it with a minimum amount, usually a small amount that everyone can access. You can now go to the trading terminal and make your first trade.
As mentioned above, you can try out a demo account. It is available as soon as you register on the Exness website and allows you to get acquainted with the broker's possibilities, make sure of the competence of the technical support department and the operation of the terminals. In order to learn the rules of forex trading, get over the uncertainty of losing, make your first trade and practice your strategy, you only need to use the Exness demo account, the more so because it's absolutely free.

You can make a deposit into your Exness account in one of the following ways:

  • Bank card.
  • Electronic money
  • Cryptocurrency.
Withdrawal is carried out the same way you deposited your account.
So, Exness is an international brand that provides quality service. Tight spreads, high speed of order execution, quick deposits and withdrawals without fees are not bad things to open an account with this broker. Exness has a good reputation and good reviews, offers a wide range of trading instruments and high-quality execution of the terminal. Exness provides its clients with a standard set of trading platforms: metatrader 4 web, MT5 webtrader and WebTerminal. There are mobile platforms for IOS and Android.


How to trade on an Exness WebTerminal?

The Exness WebTerminal is the easiest way to reach financial markets. All you need to do is to get authorized on the official site of the broker using the data you entered during the registration, select Web Terminal from the list of platforms and launch it directly from your browser. No download is needed.

How to install Exness WebTerminal?

You do not need to download anything if you are going to trade from the Exness Web Terminal. It is browser-based and very easy to use. You can reach it from the official Exness site. All you have to do is to becomes a registered Exness user and log in to its site.

What are the features of Exness WebTerminal compared to MetaTrader?

Exness Web Terminal has all the basic features of the MetaTrader software. Its interface is easy to use and provides you with any tool required for efficient trading. And the biggest benefit is that clients can explore it via a free demo account.
Auto copy experienced traders, with both earning from profitable trades.